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Advancing Girls


- Identity Design

- Website Redesign

- Content Strategy

- Social Media

- Collateral Design

Advancing girls means
helping girls thrive.

Advancing Girls had just established itself as an education consulting agency with the important mission of working toward improving girls’ access to opportunity through education. Their next step was to seek a cohesive brand identity that would both capture their fun, youthful energy, while still being geared toward their audience of fellow educators, academics, and policy-makers. My goal was to strike a balance between the two. 

Artboard 12_8x-100.jpg



My work for this project began by creating a complete branding system. The typography and monogram brandmarks would be classic (as a means of capturing the academic tone of their services). The primary color palette, however, would include pops of bright and vivid colors, evoking energy and positivity. By creating a broad array of secondary logos, I was able to create variety and freshness in their image, while still being part of the larger cohesive brand image. 


Later, I would incorporate these design elements into a complete Squarespace website redesign. I performed marketing research to provide guidance on page layout and consulted on copy and content, ensuring that their website clearly and efficiently communicated their services to their potential clients. Finally, I incorporated their branding identity into a complete set of social media templates and other print materials that their team could access and edit on Canva.




The brand identity that resulted was a perfect marriage of the professionalism and bright enthusiasm Advancing Girls is known for. They do incredible work. Now their website and all other branded assets properly reflect that and ensure their voice shines through. 

"Carla guided us through the design process very intentionally. She was collaborative and informative as she taught our team about branding and how to communicate effectively with clients."

- Bridgette Ouimette

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