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- Website Design

- Branding Strategy

- Copywriting

Afico22 was a newly created extra-virgin olive oil company that needed help building its e-commerce website from the ground up. They had a premium product they were excited about and a unique mission focused on giving back to the community. My task would be to create a website that both highlighted the product and the company’s mission.




Initial work for this project included various consultation meetings regarding website needs in order to narrow down options on a website platform and theme. After selecting a theme, wireframes of each webpage were created in order to outline the website copy and content. Once product photos and branded elements were received, the website was built and much attention went toward improving the user interface, content messaging strategy, and mobile adaptability. Branded social media templates were also created to ensure visual cohesion across all platforms.




As a newly launched company, aficio22 now has a website that introduces itself to the marketplace. It’s not only a website that matches the sleek and modern visual identity of its product, but clearly and efficiently showcases the many core principles that make this much more than just another olive oil company.

"Carla's ability to actively listen and comprehend our requirements enabled us to craft a website that exceeded our expectations. She offered valuable insights and suggestions that helped us fully maximize our website's potential. Thanks to Carla's design services, our business has received tremendous positive feedback."

- Kaveh Nourmofidi

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