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Carla Salehian Design


- Identity Design

- Website Design

- Collateral Design

Creating a branding identity for yourself comes with added pressure and challenges. I wanted my logo to capture the beauty in simplicity, yet still evoke modern and cheerful characteristics I tend to gravitate toward as a designer. My goal was to create a timeless design system that was cheerful, airy, and delicate.




I began this project by developing a new branding system. The logomark would be geometric in nature, capturing my initials and a subtler “d” for design with segments of a circle. Additionally, I’d create a variety of secondary logos to add visual variety in my branding when needed. The primary and secondary color palettes would include a mixture of cool and warm tones, evoking calm and positivity. I also created a type system that could be incorporated on everything from my website to my letterhead. Finally, I developed a series of geometric patterns drawing inspiration from the shapes within my logo.

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In the end, I created a complete brand identity that was broad enough to work across various platforms and business collateral. Best yet, the branding system visually matches my personality and gives my audience a good sense of the type of person I am: positive, meticulous, and versatile. This entire website is a perfect example of how this branding package operates in-practice.

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