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Succulent Coffee


- Website Design

- Brand Identity Consulting

- Merchandise Design

- Print Collateral

- Social Media

- Presentation Design

Doing good. Brewing good.

Succulent Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roasting company with a clear mission: provide top-notch coffee people can feel good about. They built their company on this principle and reached a point of growth where they wanted to build upon their existing branding package and establish continuity across their cafes, e-commerce, and their social media platforms. For this they needed a design partner that could help them with all their small business needs.

Artboard 24.jpg



My work for this company began with a complete website overhaul. Not only did their company want to expand their web presence and better tell their story to their customers, they also wanted to switch platforms from Squarespace to Shopify. Over the course of a few months, we held meetings to discuss goals and priorities, edited and re-edited content, and ultimately developed an online store that matched their style and showcased their quality and commitment to giving back to the community.


Over time, the collaboration process has become streamlined and is now implemented to an even broader range of design services including creating custom pitch decks, editable social media templates, menu signage, print materials, and merchandise design. 



In working with Succulent Coffee Roasters over the years, I've become a trusted partner that can quickly respond to a broad variety of business needs as they arise. By investing in the enhancement of their brand identity they have been able to consistently present themselves to their customers and clients as a company who can balance style and substance; they can focus time and attention on providing quality products and services, while I help them maintain image consistency and design quality.

"Carla has designed a wide range of products for us, including our brand book, client and investor pitch decks, social media templates, cafe menus (food and beverage), our Shopify website, and more. She always seems to create the exact design solution that we didn't know we were looking for. 

Carla is more than a consultant;
she is a true partner."

- Adam Monaghan

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Strejc

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