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Table 5 Podcast


- Social Media

- Presentation Design

- Branding

A podcast about meaningful connection.

Lindsay Luttrell created the Table 5 podcast as a passion project that allowed her to have one-on-one conversations with world-renowned chefs. As the podcast became more established, she wanted to pursue sponsorship opportunities along with other strategies to grow her audience.




Knowing that bolstering her brand identity would help her accomplish these goals, Luttrell partnered with me to first create a series of social media templates and presentation decks on Canva. I began by first taking inventory of her existing branding. She had a logo and basic color palette but I expanded it to include a type system and summarized everything into a quick reference brand board. I then created a series of social media templates she could easily edit on Canva. A few months later, I created a sponsorship and podcast performance deck that she could customize and adapt for all future podcast business needs.




By establishing her brand basics, Table 5 is better able to stand out against its competitors in a crowded field. Polished and adaptable templates on a user-friendly platform like Canva now enable Luttrell to feel in full control of her messaging. Moreover, her branding suite demonstrates how, when paired correctly, even the most basic logo package can contribute toward a robust and versatile branding suite.

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